About the Diamond Heart 9 Program

The Diamond Heart program offers the opportunity to fully engage this dynamic path to realization. It is designed for those who sincerely wish to be involved in a process of Essential development and to know themselves in a more real way. This ongoing group will meet five to seven times a year at the Ridhwan School in Boulder, Colorado.

The Process – a unique characteristic of the Diamond Approach is the integration of three intertwined contexts that work together to optimize the development of the student:

Teaching meetings are meetings of the whole group where various topics are presented. Students are invited to delve into particular aspects of their consciousness in a useful, gradually deepening sequence. Each meeting includes meditation and other practices that create ways to personally explore these topics.

Small group meetings of 12 – 20 students are settings where members are able to inquire, with the assistance of a teacher, into how the teachings are impacting their process. These small groups support the integration and understanding of the teaching and each individual's unique path of growth. In this setting, students have the opportunity to learn from each other's process and develop a community of presence that in turn, supports everyone’s development. The practice of Presence is a fundamental development in the small groups.

Private sessions are one-on-one meetings with a Ridhwan teacher/minister. These sessions provide the most focused context within which the student can deeply inquire into one’s life and experience. Ongoing private sessions are required for participation in the full Diamond Heart Program. For those participating in the first two series of three-weekends, private sessions are recommended but not required.

For a more in depth description of the Diamond Approach, see our Frequently Asked Questions.