Reesa Porter has been a student of the Diamond Approach for 28 years and is an ordained teacher since 2003. She recently retired after 35 years of practicing psychotherapy in order to devote more time and energy to teaching the Diamond Approach. She taught in the graduate Transpersonal Psychology Department at Naropa University for many years. Reesa currently serves on several of the leadership council’s committees for the teacher body of the school. She supervises US seminarians, assists in the Atlanta Diamond Approach group and has assisted in several other groups in the US. Reesa enjoys bicycling, gardening, hiking and cross country skiing. She is a mother of two grown daughters, has a beautiful grandson and lives in Boulder with her husband of almost four decades.


Duncan Scribner is one of the original students of A.H. Almaas.  He has been exploring, training and teaching continuously since 1976, working primarily as a Ridhwan teacher for more than 30 years.  He has initiated and taught groups and trainings in Europe and the US, currently living and working with groups and individuals, primarily in Boulder and Boston. Over time his search for self-understanding has become a compelling interest in direct experience, that which is independent of the historical and familiar self. He has a background of advanced education and work in the biosciences, and lives in Boulder with his wife of 25 years and two children.

Lauren Taylor is a teacher of the Diamond Approach,  assisting and teaching groups in Boulder, Canada, and the Boston area. She is a faculty member of the Ridhwan Seminary and serves on the Strategic Planning Committee for the School. In addition to her 25 years as a student of the Diamond Approach, she has a Masters Degree in Counseling and is a licensed Professional Counselor. She maintains a vibrant private practice in Functional Medicine as a Traditional Naturopath and uses her knowledge of body-mind-spirit to promote health and vitality. When not in her office,  she can be found playing her cello with the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, gardening, and hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains.