The Inner Critic:
The Essentials

The Inner Critic is the donkey we ride to enlightenment.     —A. H. Almaas

The Inner Critic is a persistent obstacle we encounter on the spiritual path. Join us for this one-day exploration of what the Inner Critic is, how it affects your spiritual work and simple strategies to free yourself.

The Diamond Approach® is a path of transformation that has arisen in response to our modern times for those who wish to pursue spiritual development while living life. A new Diamond Approach Group is forming in the Boulder Area and will meet for ongoing weekends every couple of months.


Saturday, October 1, 10am-5:30pm


The Ridhwan Center, 5869 Marshall Drive, Boulder, CO 80303


$90.00, $75.00 if registered by Sept. 15, 2016


Reesa Porter


To register, please send check made to Ridhwan to: Reesa Porter, 1550 Redwood Ave., Boulder, 80304, or email:

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