Diamond Heart 9:
Basic Trust

We’re going to explore the question of trust in the human soul, one of the central conditions required for the exploration of new territories of human experience.

Our usual Familiar Self is built on the scaffolding of the historically known and questions of trust are part of what we will be exploring as barriers to the deeper Basic Trust.

This more fundamental form of trust is deeper, sourced in preverbal experience, more difficult to access, but has the critical function of opening our experience and realization to unfamiliar and compelling kinds of realization.

Anyone in our school is welcome to attend as a repeat or refresher, at reduced (50%) for all ten meetings. If you need different payment or scholarship options, please contact Duncan directly (duncanscribner@msn.com). Recordings available day by day for those who need to miss the occasional session.


June 13-17, 2018


Wednesday and Thursday 2pm – 9:30pm
Friday – Sunday 10am-5:30pm


The Ridhwan Center, 5869 Marshall Drive, Boulder, CO 80303


New participants and DH9 students $500
(includes follow up small groups on July 11 and Aug 8)
Repeating Ridhwan students $225



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