Truth Compass II

Self-Deception and Everyday Lies

A Diamond Approach® Webinar

We have an innate capacity to recognize what is true and essential in our experience. Yet we tend to answer or respond “from the hip”, without much thought or consideration for what is needed in various situations of our precious lives.

In this free webinar, we will explore how our experience of what is true is heavily determined not by what is actually present to us, but instead is falsely shaped by our historically conditioned sense of who and what we are. Learning how to recognize our self-deception - actually seeing the truth of everyday lying - will help bring us closer to living a more true life.

This webinar is a second of three live, interactive introductions to the teachings of the Diamond Approach and is open to the general public.  It is presented as part of the offerings of Boston 4 and Colorado 9, two growing groups that are open to new students. 


Saturday, February 3, 2018   •   10:00 - 12:30 pm MST


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Diamond Heart 9 is an ongoing group that is currently open to individuals new to our work. Anyone interested in exploring more about how consciousness and awareness can impact your everyday life is welcome to join us. The group meets on weekends 6 times a year, as well as a 5 day intensive, and includes a monthly small process group.