What is Consciousness?

In this series of classes we will be exploring the question, what is consciousness? We will focus on the nature of our personal living consciousness, which in the Diamond Approach is called the soul.

We will be examining the innate nature of our consciousness as an alive, sensitive, receptive, flowing medium of awareness that has the capacity to perceive, know and be in touch with the depth of our True Nature.  

We will see how over time through structuring and conditioning, our consciousness begins to harden into habits and patterns that limit our capacity to access the expansive potential of our real nature. This path offers an invitation and a method to liberate the soul’s original receptivity and flow, and awaken its natural potential for spiritual realization. 

These weekends are open to the public and may be of particular interest to a variety of professionals, including teachers, psychotherapists and body workers who work to open patterns that are held in the psyche and the body. 

Please come and join us for an exciting exploration of consciousness; understanding how it became patterned, and engaging its potential for liberation from the orientation of the Diamond Approach.

Weekend Dates:

April 22-24,  June 17-19,  August 26-28
This class series is still open and available for those who are interested in participating.


Friday, 6:30-9pm,  Sat/Sun 10am-5:30pm

Interim Meetings:

Mondays,  May 16, July 25, Sept 19,  6:30-9pm  


$245 for each weekend


To register for What Is Consciousness, please fill out the following form and mail in with your payment.  We will contact you with more information.

Payments: make checks out to “Ridhwan”, send to Ridhwan Foundation, Gary Haraldsen, Admin, 4185 Aurora Ave, Boulder 80303-2539.

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